Applied Biomimetic Welcomes Imran Jaferey as CEO

17 July, 2020
For Public Release

Gaithersburg, MD – Applied Biomimetic, a leader in the convergence of polymer and protein membrane technologies, welcomes Imran Jaferey as Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Jaferey joins Applied Biomimetic to drive the growth of the business through the development, expansion and commercialization of the product portfolio based on unique polymer and protein technologies that are in the company’s DNA.

Mr. Jaferey comes to AB from Nanostone Water, where he was the Chief Commercial Officer as the company successfully launched an advanced ceramic membrane into the water treatment market. Mr. Jaferey started his career working in engineering and project management roles at Lurgi PSI, an EPC firm focused on the specialty chemicals and biotechnology industries. He spent sixteen years at Koch Membrane Systems in business development roles with the last four years as Sr. Vice President of the company’s water and wastewater business unit. Mr. Jaferey is well known in industry circles, having participated and spoken at conferences and events worldwide.

“We are excited to have Imran Jaferey, an experienced executive in the industry, join our team and lead Applied Biomimetic” said Executive Chairman Mads Clausen. “In addition to leading our R&D in biomimetic membrane technology, Imran will also lead the further commercialization of our high performance polymeric membranes, including our DairySep™ UF products already in service around the world. Imran shares our passion for technology and our commitment to bringing to customers novel products that push boundaries on performance. Imran’s experience base, which includes different membrane technologies and companies at different commercial stages, is invaluable to us as we continue to develop and grow our company.”

With thirty years of experience, Mr. Jaferey has held positions in both technical and commercial roles in organizations focused on the application and development of novel technologies for industrial processes. Mr. Jaferey, commenting on his appointment: “One of the things I have enjoyed most in my career is working with teams to implement new technologies. I have been working with membranes since my first job as a process engineer, and am very excited to join the team at Applied Biomimetic. We are serving customers with high-performance products today, and are also working on developing some truly game-changing membranes. I look forward to helping the business grow into a major player in the membrane industry.”

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Applied Biomimetic COVID-19 Update 18 March 2020

Dear Customers, Friends and Colleagues.

We at Applied Biomimetic are continuously monitoring the current COVID-19 situation and we have adjusted our business practices to ensure the safety of our employees, and the products and services we deliver.

During this difficult time, we would like to let you know that are continuing to operate our two primary locations in Gaithersburg, Maryland. We would like to assure you that we are doing the following:

  • We remain open for business and are following best practices in assuring the health of our employees and the integrity of our products.
  • We have enhanced our personal hygiene and facility cleaning and we minimize gathering per the practices recommended by US Centers for Disease Control (CDC).
  • Travel and physical interactions between our two sites have been minimized.
  • We ask that any personnel stay at home if they feel sick, and to follow a selfquarantining and treatment as per medical authorities.
  • Personnel that are not essential to mission-critical laboratory work, supply chain, manufacturing, logistics and customer fulfilment are currently working from home.
  • We have taken new precautions on raw material delivery and finished goods pickup as well as limiting interaction with 3rd party external services.
  • Our staff is available for technical consultation via phone, email and through several common video conferencing platforms.
  • We have stocked-up on critical raw materials in advance of this situation, and we continue to manufacture products for customer orders and for inventory.
  • We are working closely with our logistics partners to assure prompt, professional and coordinated deliveries to our customers.

We will continue to remain vigilant, and abreast of this dynamic situation.

With best regards,

The Applied Biomimetic Team


942 Clopper Road
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878

Applied Biomimetic Launches New Ultrafiltration Products

5 February, 2020
For Public Release

Gaithersburg, MD ‐‐ Applied Biomimetic, a leader in the convergence of polymer and protein membrane technologies, announces two new membrane products to its solution portfolio, with the addition of PS 20,000 and PS 30,000 Dalton molecular weight cut off (MWCO) rated membranes. These membranes are available in spiral-wound configuration across various standard sizes and component configurations.

Commenting on the new products, William Harvey, Vice President: “These two membranes build on our unique formulations, proprietary casting technology, and our new manufacturing facility that was inaugurated in 2019. Our 10,000 Dalton membrane is a workhorse for our customers in the production of a variety of plant protein, dairy protein, enzyme and other valuable molecules. These new 20,000 and 30,000 Dalton membranes are additional tools for our customers to separate, concentrate and purify their high value target molecules.

Our membrane offering will continue to broaden, as requested by our customers, distributors and stakeholders. We have other membranes with unique performance attributes which are advancing through our rigorous development process.”

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About Applied Biomimetic, Inc:

Applied Biomimetic is a leader in the convergence of polymer and protein membrane technology. We have developed a high-performance membrane platform for water, life science, enzyme, food, and dairy separation applications

Our core technology is based on new chemistry and manufacturing methods to achieve highly permeable membrane material with narrow molecular size exclusion cut-off. We are also recognized as a leader in the expression, purification, and production scale-up of porins from biological sources as well as synthesis of various types of polymeric amphiphiles. By adding an active protein layer, the membranes will separate constituents at the ion level. We specialize in block copolymer synthesis and lamellar phases self-assembly. Applied Biomimetic holds global patents for the concept of embedding proteins in a proprietary polymeric membrane structure.

We foresee a number of new innovative applications for our technology platform that may be established at a later stage, e.g. new delivery mechanisms for pharmaceuticals, new coatings for contact lenses, and more effective products for the cosmetics industry.

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Applied Biomimetic Announces Grand Opening

For Public Release

Gaithersburg, MD — Applied Biomimetic, a leader in the convergence of polymer and protein membrane technologies, hosted a Grand Opening of its new production facility in Gaithersburg, Maryland on November 6th.

Applied Biomimetic CEO Steen Sondergaard Nissen

Dignitaries included Mads Clausen, chairman of Applied Biomimetic, the Danish Ambassador to the USA, Her Excellency, Lone Dencker Wisborg, and members of the State of Maryland, Montgomery County and City of Gaithersburg.

Applied Biomimetic Chairman Mads Clausen

The red ribbon was cut by Ambassador Wisborg, and Mr. Jorgen Clausen, Chairman of the Board of Danfoss, one of Applied Biomimetic’s original investors. This was followed by a facility tour and reception celebration for the 100+ attendees representing various partners that contributed to the factory’ design and construction.

Danish Ambassador to the USA, Her Excellency, Lone Dencker Wisborg
Danish Ambassador to the USA, Her Excellency, Lone Dencker Wisborg

CEO Steen Sondergaard Nissen, welcomed and thanked the crowd:
“This has no doubt been an interesting journey for Applied Biomimetic to get to this point – not just during the last couple of years when we relocated here to Gaithersburg, but also many years ago, when we started in the basement of university facilities in Cincinnati and a laboratory at the Danfoss campus in Denmark.

The red ribbon was cut by Ambassador Wisborg, and Mr. Jorgen Clausen, Chairman of the Board of Danfoss, one of Applied Biomimetic’s original investors.

Looking back, the company was originally founded with the goal of making membranes for desalination of sea water based on this unique protein, called aquaporin, that transports water across cell membranes. That continues to be the ambition but, in the meantime, we are doing so much more and we have – at least to an engineer – some cool and interesting technology, which is used in applications such as enzyme production and critical nutrition products like infant formula.

Facility Tour and Reception Celebration
Facility Tour and Reception Celebration

In getting to this point, we are statistically already in a select group – only about 1 out of 10 start-up companies gets to where we are. So thank you to everyone – our partners, investors, and family members – for your passionate support of our mission.”

Commenting on the opening, Vice President William Harvey: “This new facility elevates our ability to independently develop and deliver both high quality products, and also the throughput required to meet the rapidly growing demand. Our technology develop pipeline remains strong, and with this USDA-certified facility, we will be launching a series of new products in the coming weeks and months.”