Polymeric Membranes


The AB DairySep™ UF Dairy series membranes and elements achieve superior protein rejection and permeability when compared to standard industry membranes.

The DairySep™ performance is a result of a combination of advanced chemistry formulations and novel membrane fabrication techniques.

Our UF PE membranes feature:

  • Extremely high water flux
  • Narrow MWCO

Applied Biomimetic Ultrafiltration Membranes

For existing UF systems AB DairySep™ UF benefits are:

  • Reduced number of elements and vessels, reducing cleaning chemicals and membrane replacement
  • Substantially lower energy profile
  • Accurate fractionation creates a higher quality retentate
  • Reduced need for retentate post treatment

For the design of new UF systems, DairySep™ elements offer:

  • A design with fewer elements and vessels
  • Lower capital cost of the skid
  • Higher system capacity for the same skid floor space
  • Reduced driving pressure and energy requirements

Common applications of the DairySep™ UF include:

  • Plant protein
  • Milk protein
  • Whey protein
  • Enzymes

The DairySep™ element is USDA certified to comply with 3-A Sanitary Standard 45-03, and it is produced in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility built in 2019.

The AB DairySep UF membrane is available is a variety of standard spiral configurations. Contact us or your local membrane distributor for a quotation and more information.


Applied Biomimetic DairySep Membrane Product Spec Sheet

Applied Biomimetic Case Study - Is a 5kDa UF membrane better for whey concentration?

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