Applied Biomimetic New Factory Update

18 March, 2019
For Public Release

Gaithersburg, MD ‐‐ Applied Biomimetic, a leader in the convergence of polymer and protein membrane technologies, is pleased to report on the progress at its new manufacturing facility.

CEO Steen Sondergaard Nissen, commenting on the progress: “We are nearly complete with all of the capabilities required to fulfill the element needs of our customers while achieving both state‐of‐the‐art as well as real economy of scale. We also continue to hire experienced manufacturing and operations personnel from within the membrane industry, as well as other industries to drive operations excellence. We would also like to thank the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC), along with City of Gaithersburg and our contractors and suppliers that have help us achieve so much in so little time. We look forward to the grand opening of the facility in the coming months.”

About Applied Biomimetic A/S:

Applied Biomimetic is a leader in the convergence of polymer and protein membrane technology. We have developed a high‐performance membrane platform for water, life science, enzyme, food, and dairy separation applications.

Our core technology is based on new chemistry and manufacturing methods to achieve highly permeable membrane material with narrow molecular size exclusion cut‐off. By adding an active protein layer, the membranes will separate constituents at the ion level. We specialize in block copolymer synthesis and lamellar phases self‐assembly. Applied Biomimetic holds global patents for the concept of embedding proteins in a proprietary polymeric membrane structure. We are also recognized as a leader in the expression, purification, and production scale‐up of porins from biological sources as well as synthesis of various types of polymeric amphiphiles.

We foresee a number of new innovative applications for our technology platform that may be established at a later stage, e.g. new delivery mechanisms for pharmaceuticals, new coatings for contact lenses, and more effective products for the cosmetics industry.