Our Concept -
Many Applications

Water Treatment
Our basic biotechnology concept – embedding proteins (aquaporins) into a polymer membrane – is already being implemented in applications for water treatment. Mangrove Membranes, a subsidiary of Applied Biomimetic, is licensing our IPR to develop cost-efficient prototypes for various commercial water purification applications, such as
  • Desalination
  • Bio-tech
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Wastewater treatment
Applied Biomimetic’s technology is also very well suited for innovative solutions in a range of other sectors, including:

  • Membranes for artificial kidneys and dialysis
  • Dosing and delivery of pharmaceuticals
Health and Personal Care
  • Active coating for contact lenses for regulating the biochemical balance in the eye
  • “Smart cosmetics” delivering skin nutrients and active substances etc. at the pace and in the dose needed
  • Power generation based on salinity differentials between brackish water and seawater
Oil & Gas

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