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Business Focus
Applied Biomimetic A/S is focusing on the development of a wide range of applications for our patented technology. We aim at providing disruptive solutions for the water treatment, health, food, and other industries enabling them to enhance their products, reduce costs, and save energy.

Locations & Organisation
Applied Biomimetic has locations in Denmark and the US. At our site in Nordborg, Denmark we are producing aquaporin – and supporting our membrane research and development activities that are located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Applied Biomimetic A/S has more than 10 employees.

Applied Biomimetic A/S is part of Elsweb, a Danish high-tech venture portfolio company.

Where to find us

2180, East Galbraith Road
Building D, Room 102
Cincinnati, OH 45237

Phone    +1 513 558 6090

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Nordborgvej 81, E14-N1
DK-6430 Nordborg