From Pure Science -
To Commercial Applications

Based on several years of scientific research, Danfoss, the Danish international industrial group, initiated development of commercial applications for aquaporin in 2006. Initial progress included development of in-house aquaporin production and experimental solutions for embedding aquaporins in polymer.

In 2010, the aquaporin technology and patents were spun off from Danfoss as the independent company “AquaZ A/S”, partly funded by Elsweb ApS and other venture investors. Since then, the company has refined its polymer capabilities and has developed techniques to embed aquaporins into the polymer layer, offering proof of concept in a laboratory environment.

The company was fully taken over by Elsweb in 2013 and changed its name to Applied Biomimetic A/S. At the same time, the water treatment and purification activities were rebranded as ‘Mangrove Membranes’.

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