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Living cells are surrounded by a lipid bilayer – a cell membrane – with a thickness of approximately 5 nanometers.

Aquaporins are a family of membrane proteins, positioned in the cell membrane, which regulate transport of water across this cell membrane. To date, several types of aquaporin have been identified and investigated in numerous organisms such as bacteria, fungi, plants, mammals, etc.

This shows that although most aquaporins have the same function (i.e. water transport) they are very specialised in terms of the environment in which they function (e.g. tissue, organelle).

Thus, one of the major challenges in incorporating aquaporins into artificial membranes lies in finding the right match between the aquaporin and the membrane material. Mangrove Membranes has found this match (see “Replicating Nature” to the right).

Mangrove Membranes has developed its own customized aquaporin production technology (see “Aquaporin Production” to the right).

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